Theme Clock Lite FAQ

Theme Clock (Free) is a free iPhone app, a clock with 10 individual stunning themes. Each theme has been designed and inspired by the many digital display devices in consumer-electronics, including: Light Emitting Diode (LED), Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).Theme Clock is ideal used as a night stand or desk clock. It is currently available on Apple’s App Store.You can download it via iTunes, iPhone or iPod Touch.When the app is loaded on your device, simply swipe left to right to select a theme, double tap to see all the available settings.If you have any questions, post it here and we will be happily answer them all.Any suggestions and feedback are more than welcome. It will help us to improve our app.NOTE: Theme Clock works on the iPhone and iPod Touch with iPhone OS 2.0. However, it won’t change any of your existing applications or software on your iPhone or iPod touch for security and usability reasons.All iPhone apps from the App Store have a “sandbox” limitation. They are different from apps that runs on other devices.

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