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Theme Clock (Free) is a free iPhone app, a clock with 10 individual stunning themes. Each theme has been designed and inspired by the many digital display devices in consumer-electronics, including: Light Emitting Diode (LED), Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).Theme Clock is ideal used as a night stand or desk clock. It is currently available on Apple’s App Store.You can download it via iTunes, iPhone or iPod Touch.When the app is loaded on your device, simply swipe left to right to select a theme, double tap to see all the available settings.If you have any questions, post it here and we will be happily answer them all.Any suggestions and feedback are more than welcome. It will help us to improve our app.NOTE: Theme Clock works on the iPhone and iPod Touch with iPhone OS 2.0. However, it won’t change any of your existing applications or software on your iPhone or iPod touch for security and usability reasons.All iPhone apps from the App Store have a “sandbox” limitation. They are different from apps that runs on other devices.

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  1. 61
    Phoenix Says:

    Hi Anna,

    I recently upgraded from an iPod Touch to an iPhone 3G. When I ran theme clock on my iPod Touch in my docking station, it used to automatically turn to portrait view and was great. Since installing on my iPhone, it no longer automatically turns, and I have to make sure I run the app, turn to landscape then to portrait. Is there any way of fixing this?


  2. 62
    Anna Says:

    Hi Phoenix,

    This has been fixed and an updated version (v1.1.3) has just been submitted. Hopefully should get approved and be in the App Store in a couple of weeks.

  3. 63
    dan55 Says:

    hi Anna.
    just picked up latest version.

    what changes are in this version?

    many thanks

  4. 64
    dan55 Says:

    hi Anna.
    with dimmed mode saved and clock
    restarted, The iphone still screen locks,
    but i have that turned off :/

  5. 65
    dan55 Says:

    hi. ok. think reboot after update
    fixed that :)

  6. 66
    Anna Says:

    Hi Dan55

    Cool that the fix worked.

    We just submitted another update (v2.0) with a few extra features and a paid version as well. Be sure to check them out and give us feedback.

    We will post another thread soon once we got the description ready.

  7. 67
    Neil Says:

    Hi, I’ve been trying to update to the new version on Appstore with no luck. First attempt, no change to original app, second attempt I removed and then reinstalled-still no change. I’m not getting the dimmer slider bar or the seasonal theme and I still get notification of the available update on the Appstore. Running a 3G iPhone. Any ideas? Thanks! Neil.

  8. 68
    Anna Says:

    Hi Neil,

    I am impressed with the speedy update! The app just got approved about 1-2 hours before your post.

    I have just downloaded it and it seems fine to me. I downloaded it via iTunes.

    The reason you didn’t see the updated copy could be because the actual app is not propagated through as early as the status. Hence you are downloading the old version that is in the cache.

    Can you search for Theme Clock Alarm (Free) on the app store and see if you see v2.0. If so, download it again.

    Also, if you are downloading from iTunes. Please select Theme Clock Alarm (Free) on the Application tab before syching. We changed the name of the app and iTunes doesn’t seem to pick it up.

    If it doesn’t work still, please let us know. We will investigate it further.


  9. 69
    Neil Says:

    Hi Anna,

    thanks very much for the rapid reply :-) I’ve just tried again and can confirm all is now well. New theme, alarm clock and dimmer slide working fine. Thanks again for the reply-so refreshing! Good luck with all future apps and ventures.


  10. 70
    Anna Says:

    Nice to hear :) Thanks for the good luck.

  11. 71
    dan55 Says:

    hi Anna,

    glad to hear there is a new release – will check it out asap :)


  12. 72
    admin Says:

    Cheers. Let us know what you think :)

  13. 73
    FDavid Covington Says:

    It would be nice to have user adjustable night silent start and stop times instead of the hard coded 7pm to 8am currently. I really like Theme Clock Alarm!



  14. 74
    Anna Says:

    Thanks David.

    The underline code is written to give ability to adjust the silent time, just no interface at the moment.

    We are monitoring the downloads to see if it is practical to put further effort into Theme Clock Alarm (unless of course if there is a bug). There are a few cool features I would like to add to it. We enjoyed making theme clock and seeing all the positive responses. Unfortunately the downloads are not amazing and we have given priority to make other apps. We have a lot of exciting ideas and very little time.

  15. 75
    Dianne Says:

    Hi, I like the clock a lot but can’t get the alarm to work. Yes, I’ve got sound ON, yes, both my iPhone and the alarm are set to AM. Ye,s I’ve tried different alarm sounds. Nothing makes it work. Hm?

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