Theme Clock Alarm FAQ

Theme Clock Alarm is here!

Theme Clock with multi alarm has finally arrived on the App Store!
It has a whooping 12 fantastic original stylish themes you will not find in any other clocks!

Download now to enjoy the bonus Seasonal Theme for your holidays!

Each theme has been designed and inspired by the many digital display devices in consumer-electronics, including: Light Emitting Diode (LED), Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).

You can use your iPhone / iPod Touch to replace your beside clock, night stand, desk clock or anywhere else you like.

It is perfect for traveling and everyday use.

* 12 stylish, unique, digital clock themes, including a bonus seasonal theme
* Intuitive gesture control – see below for details
* Multi alarm – see below for details
* Optional quarterly chime (Big Ben’s Westminster Quarters)
* Dimmer level control
* Flashlight (night light)
* Portrait and landscape display
* Optional status bar display
* Optional day of the week display
* Optional 12/24 hour display format
* Optional auto-lock on/off
* Optional date display
* Optional screen dimming
* Automatic localised date display format
* All settings are remembered

* Multi alarm support
* Repeat all 7 weekdays
* Snooze ON/OFF
* Snooze timer configuration (up to 60 minutes)
* 6 unique built-in alarm sounds
* Large snooze and alarm off buttons
* Works when screen is locked or when silent switch is on
* Will not interfere with iPod player

* Shake to turn flashlight ON/OFF

* Slide 1 finger left or right to select themes
* Slide 2 fingers left or right to adjust dimmer level
* Tap 2 fingers to turn dimmer ON/OFF
* Shake to turn flashlight ON/OFF


* iPod playlist selection for alarm sounds 
* Loads more! 

As usual, all feedback are very welcome!

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